As the year comes to a close, it’s inevitable that many people will be setting their new year resolutions (and why I don’t…)

It’s a hectic time of the year.

There will be people frantically closing out their final tasks before they take off for vacation. There will be people already on holidays visiting friends and family and dealing with uncomfortable questions about the relationship status or career. There will be people searching for that glamorous new year’s eve party. And there will be those who will be home alone like any other weeknight.

This time of the year is definitely the time where FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is at its worst.

And if you’re not mindful of it, it can make you quite depressed and frustrated with your life.

But if we take a different perspective, then this is perhaps one of the best time to do some self-reflection.

If you don’t have new year’s eve plans, why not set aside an hour or two with yourself and do some journaling. There are plenty of studies now that show the therapeutic effects of journaling. Even if you are on vacation, why not spend some alone time in a nice cafe or beachside lounge and whip out a pen and paper.

You can write about anything! The only rule is that there are no rules!

Here are some questions you can consider when beginning:

  • What moments in 2019 are you particularly proud of?
  • Who inspired you in 2019?
  • What were highlights of 2019 that made you feel especially happy?
  • What events did you find challenging or made you feel sad?
  • How did you grow in 2019?
  • How can you work on yourself to be a better you?

The end of a year (or decade in this case), can give us a sense of pressure and stress because it subconsciously forces us to examine our lives and face our weaknesses. But it only gives you stress if you don’t process it mindfully but instead, as a passenger.

If you analyze it with a non-judgmental, open mindset; maybe through the use of an aid like journaling, then the stress dissipates and inspiration can emerge as your motivation to make some real change.

Olive Branch wishes you a happy new year.


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