As we begin a new year, people often like to set New Year’s resolutions or review their past year and set goals for the next. I, personally, don’t set New Year’s resolutions but rather I will start a new habit or adjust my goals whenever I feel I need to grow in a certain direction - in other words, the beginning of a calendar year to make a change is arbitrary to me. However, the

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Happy holidays, if you’re celebrating them. You’re probably going to a lot of social gatherings and eating foods that are high in sugar and fat and some boozy drinks alongside with that. I’m not here to give you a lecture on what you should and shouldn’t do over the holidays but I do want you to realize the holiday season for a lot of us began in November with Thanksgiving, continues through December and January

Read more0 We all have heard that having high cholesterol is bad - but why? It’s because having high cholesterol leads to heart attacks, but do you know why? It’s because cholesterol is the plaque that clogs the arteries in your heart, right? And how does one get high cholesterol (barring genetics)? It’s because of the foods we eat, that contain high cholesterol, right? All these point and more will be addressed in this blog but

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