So you’ve been working out pretty consistently now for at least 6 weeks and you’ve seen some progress in your strength, fitness and maybe your body composition has even improved slightly - nice. But recently, you’ve shown little to no progress and so your motivation begins to wane. Your workout routine which you were so keen on before is getting bland and even boring. Time to change the workout routine and inject some new stimuli to

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We are all busy people or at least we think we live busy lives; and statistically speaking, the majority of us are in fact sleep-deprived. There is only so many waking hours in a day and maximizing the time we have becomes an ongoing battle inside our minds and in our calendars. In a city like Shanghai where work never ends, the drinking and dining scene thrives, it’s incredibly attractive to just go out for

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So you have aspirations to get fit this year. Maybe you have written down some new year’s resolutions to go back to the gym. You may have been a regular gym-goer in the not-to-distant past or maybe you were even an athlete at one point. But you aren’t exercising now and you can’t seem to get started. You know you should because you constantly hear your friends mentioning how they run 10K every morning; or

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