It depends. Sorry for the cop-out answer but sugar affects different people quite differently. This article will try to give you some insights so that you can better understand how sugar may affect you.  One of the main reasons why it affects people differently is because people have different metabolic health. What does that mean? Well, if Alan is a fat person who doesn’t exercise regularly, eats fast food everyday and drinks sweet milk

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This blog title may come as a surprise to you since you may not know me as someone who partakes in low-intensity, steady-state activities. I also did not mention this to many people leading up to the race, and even some of my closer friends were surprised to learn that I’ve signed up for an Ironman competition, albeit only half Ironman, and also a relay. If you have always wanted to do one but have

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So a study has been recently published and has concluded that one of the best indicators for cardiovascular health for adult men is by doing a max set of push-ups. This is a pretty big deal as this is the first study that shows push-up capacity being associated to chances of getting cardiovascular disease. This push-up test has been shown to be an even better indicator than the traditional running on a treadmill test which

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