I’ve blogged many times on mental toughness (here, here, here, here, here, and here).

And now, one of my favourite bloggers, Eric Barker just wrote another blog on it!

In his blog, he provides 3 tips to improve your mental strength.

Read here to become a stronger you, mentally and physically!




  • Jane

    I spent 2 days on my spare time in office reading all the articles since 2014, till the latest one, I feel like I need to leave a message to thank you Alan for sharing your knowledge and perception on fitness, health and life in general. The words are informative and educational, also quite inspiring, I for sure will come back and read some of them again and again, and believe all of us can be stronger and tougher physically and mentally if we can do something rightful in life, it’s never too late. Much appreciated!

    • Alan Leung

      Thanks for the kind words, Jane! Would love to have you join in our group training whenever you are in Shanghai! 加油 Jane!


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