Now that October Holidays are over, and we’re all back to the regular swing of things, some of us struggle to get back on the regular workout routine.  It could be due to the depressing weather here in Shanghai, or the mundane day-to-day tasks of working again, or perhaps it’s because we’ve lost ground on our once awesome fitness level.

One way to ease the transition of getting back on your workout routine is to lessen the impact of starting from scratch again by working out while on vacation.  I’ve blogged before on how to find the time to do that, but what if even a 30-minute workout is still too effortful to do?

That’s when you need another trick in the bag.

When I was enjoying my awesome vacation, I knew I desperately needed a workout to slow down the rate of atrophy of my muscles.  There was just so much to do and see in a new and exciting city that I would have been very happy to skip the planned workout and planted my bum on a patio café under the warm evening glow of the sun and enjoyed the view.

But instead, I did the workout – 30 minutes (first half of ACT), in the park overlooking the city as the sun went down.

It ended up being a very pleasant experience and I was happy I did it.

To be honest, if it was left to my own devices, I would have totally disregarded the workout for an aperitif before dinner; and that’s where the clincher comes in.

I didn’t leave it to my own devices.  I was travelling with friends with an equal desire to get a workout in, if not even more than my own.

If it’s just you and your willpower to get it done, then good luck to you.  But if you have social support with you, then you have a much better chance of doing it due to the support you’re getting from one another.

You can feed off each other’s strength of conviction to do it together, and dissipate your weakness on to them when your energy level drops, and inevitably, your willpower with it.

To reiterate, the key is to agree with your travel mates ahead of time and commit to working out together.

Not only do you get to suffer together, which is always fun, but you also get to enjoy the holiday that much more afterwards knowing you did your body a service.  And don’t forget that rush of endorphins after a workout that makes you slightly high & happy – the perfect mood to be in for a holiday!



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