It happens to all of us.

We can’t always have high motivation in working out, eating healthy, and life in general. Inevitably, things slow down and our moods change.

Having a good strategy to manage your high’s and low’s will help in keeping you focused on the long-term goals that you have set out for.

But what if your low’s are prolonged with no end in sight? You know you’re in a rut, but you just can’t seem to get out of it.

You’re waiting for the transition when things go back to being better, but the weeks just keep going by and you’re not feeling any better.

You try everything to get out of this hole from building good habits, to trying out some new fitness classes but none of them seem to stick. They just aren’t interesting.

Days become weeks and weeks become months, and before you know it, you’re so far behind your plan that it seems all but hopeless.

Despair sets in and you give up getting fit, healthy, and on life.

In today’s society, if you’re not doing great and happy, then something is wrong with you. We put on this happy face of success and ambition and don’t realize the energy and stress it takes to sustain the facade. In doing so, we descend further down the hole of despair.

And then one day, when you’re too sick and tired of maintaining the charade. You open up yourself to a trusted friend or loved one, and your worst nightmare of revealing your vulnerability happens. Except, it doesn’t feel as bad as you imagined. In fact, it feels like relief and that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Without realizing it, your cultivated community of high-calibre personnel has produced trusted confidants that can empathize with you and have the experience to advise you on your situation.

Then something truly amazing happens.

You get inspired.

It could have been a phrase or an idea that they mentioned but it just resonates with you.

From feeling hopeless and lethargic, you are now charged with excitement and optimism.

You start piecing together a new plan of action to turn that idea into reality and you share your idea with others and they get excited too!

You work on your plan as the days go by; making good progress and then one day, while taking a shower, you stop and reflect for just a moment.

You’re out.

You’re out of that deep, dark hole that seemed undefeatable just days ago; and all it took was just an idea.

But you analyze it some more and it wasn’t just an idea that rescued your spirit – it was inspiration!

And that inspiration came from your social support network whom you trust and invested in.

You close your eyes as the water from the shower head runs down your face and a feeling of gratitude for having such great relationships in your life overcomes you.

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